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Swiss Peaks 100k – 9.2.22

This June, our good friend Dan and his family moved to Switzerland for his work. The following thoughts ensued. Sounds like a great opportunity. We will miss you terribly. Can we come and visit? What races can we find in Switzerland? Of course there are lots of iconic races in the area: UTMB, the Eiger … Continue reading Swiss Peaks 100k – 9.2.22

Canyons 100k – 4.23.22

What does it mean to have a successful race? Does it mean that you won? That you got a “good” time? Placed well?  Got a PR? Finished under the cutoff? Finished, period? Didn’t poop your pants? Nailed your nutrition? Had a good time? Didn’t die? Died, but then came back from the dead? Sure! Success … Continue reading Canyons 100k – 4.23.22


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